A real speleological adventure in the city center, close to the Colosseum: we will explore the tuff quarry under the Temple of Claudius, with their amazing lakes!

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Costo della visita: € 17,00
Biglietto di ingresso: € 3,00 (in aggiunta al costo del visita)
Durata: 1,30 H

Tour: 17

Ticket: 3€, to pay directly at the entrance

Duration: 1 and a half hour

INFO: 334 7401467

The city of Rome is full of undergrounds. On the celian hill, under the Temple built for the Emperor Claudius in the 1st century A.D. we find some huge galleries, which were used for the extraction of tuff for constructions. Our tour will take us inside this underground and secret world. 

The quarry, explored and studied by the Association Roma Sotterranea between 2004 and 2006, were used for many centuries, probably between the 4th and the 19th century. Inside the galleries, we can observe 16 ancient shafts, the foundations of the medieval monastery, and expecially 3 beautiful underground lakes: the analysis of the water, etraordinarily clean, revealed that the water is pure and potable!

An incredible and unexpected experience in the heart of the city!


N.B. The tour is not recommended for children under 10 years, and is not recommended for persons with walking difficulties.

For participating is necessary:

- to bring a flashlight (not the telephone)

- to wear comfortable/trekking shoes

The Association will provide you with security helmets

Meeting: In front of the Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo al Celio

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